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Who we are:
KSN is a registered 501_c3 tax exempt charity formed in November of 2004. Our Federal TAX ID number or EIN is 42-1649439
Please feel free to read our IRS Determination Letter (opens in new window)

KSN is registered with the Maryland Secretary of States office. You can
reach them at the following URL.
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KSN is a grass roots organization with a mission of helping disadvantaged children and their family's in your area.
  • We receive NO County, State or Federal funding so we are 100% reliant upon
    our fund raisers.
  • No board member receives any compensation from KSN
How KSN works!
We reach out to the local churches and other grass roots charities, as well as Social Services, in selected counties for listings of family's with children in need. We then provide anything from general everyday needs, such as food, clothing, or a special holiday meal at Thanksgiving or Christmas time, or much overlooked items that are needed like a backpack for school. My personal favorite is the Christmas For the Kids program where we purchase toys for the children that would otherwise not have the holiday that many of us take for granted.

We realize that there are many great organizations out there asking for your help and all we can say is whom better to help, than your own neighbors. Your help stays in your neighborhood!
Thank you for your kind support.

Albert Miller
President of K.S.N

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